The USS Montana, NCC 1786 is a Trieste Class and has been in service since the times of James Kirk’s five year mission. It has undergone several refits, most significantly when it was retrofitted with new warp nacelles in the mid 2270’s. Starfleet's chief designers experimented with a new refit design which increased power reserves and crew efficiency as well as weapons and tactical systems.

The ship is a frigate or medium-heavy exploratory cruiser. It has a crew compliment of just under 300. Its primary mission assignments include: border patrol, combat operations, exploration and colony support.

The starships physical arrangement: 230 meters or 750 feet in length. It is armed with phasers and has a large weapons pod on the aft engineering hull. The large pod is designed to fire photon torpedoes from three forward launchers and one aft. The Trieste class has two Navigational Deflector arrays and both must be functioning to operate the starship normally. The USS Montana has a maximum warp speed of 8.6 and similar impulse and warp engine performance aSnd handling to the Constitution class USS Enterprise 1701 after the 2270’s refit.

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Background InformationEdit

  • The USS Montana is named for the state in which First Contact with the Vulcans took place in april 4 2063.
  • The CGI model of the USS Montana was originally the USS Phobos by Kevin Riley.

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