Starfleet Mark VI Tricorder, circa 2350's-2360's

A Tricorder (aka: Scanner) is a portable sensing and data communications device issued by the Federation Starfleet in the 23rd and 24th centuries. The tricorder is capable of scanning geological, metrological and biological phenomena and can be augmented with a larger head that contains a peripheral medical scanner. The Tricorder and Type Two Phaser are usually carried as standard equipment on Starfleet starships, starbases and other installations.


  • What does a Tricorder do? A tricorder, while its functions are defined in publications like the Star Trek TNG: Technical Manual is a plot device when telling stories in the Star Trek universe. A tricorder can do anything we need it to do really. Think of a tricorder as a "high-tech" way our characters find out about their environment. -Sebastian Prooth

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