Thomas Jason Plummer is a Starfleet careerist in his early 40’s and has been the First Officer of the USS Montana under Captain Edwards for 4 years. At the end of Integration Plummer is reduced in rank to Lt. Commander to make room for the new Executive Officer, Darius Locke. Plummer has 15 years of Starfleet command experience.

Plummer started out in the Starfleet Security and served as Deputy to the Chief of Starfleet Security on Earth for 6 years before joining the USS Montana as Executive Officer. He is highly qualified to serve as the Chief of Security on a small starship as he oversaw the coordination of over 1800 Starfleet Security officers while stationed on Earth.

As Security Chief Plummer feels he is under used and resents the posting of Darius Locke. He does not hold it against Paul Edwards personally but is particularly resentful to Darius Locke. Plummer is a quiet man who possesses a frightful temper. When he explodes, it’s not a pretty sight. His personality is mostly a mystery. He is trust worthy and always does his job. He regards Paul Edwards as a friend but they are not close.

Thomas Plummer is portrayed by Brian Bonner

Background InformationEdit

  • Thomas J. Plummer is named with homage to William Shatner's character TJ Hooker an 80's "cop drama" of which both Executive Producers are fans.