Paul Edwards has Captained the USS Montana for 9 years. Born on 14-October Edwards is between 45-50 years old. Edwards is a career Starfleet officer who was more interested in Starbase design and construction than commanding a starship. Edwards was in charge of the Starbase construction detail that built Starbase 221 and other bases and orbital facilities before taking command of the USS Montana NCC 1786.

Since becoming a command officer Edwards became well known for his tactical strategy and uncanny ability to “get things done no matter what” He gained a great deal of combat experience and is known to dislike Klingons but be able to predict and deal with them better than anyone else.

In his personal life Edwards is best described as “damaged” – He has no children that he knows of and his family are his crew. His starship is his home. Onboard the Montana Edwards is close friends with Jack McGuire who serves as his chief engineer. McGuire worked with Edwards for years as an engineer and then as a senior engineer on the Starbase construction detail. Edwards was quite the athlete when in Starfleet academy and follows a variety of sports. He will never put his own interests over his ship and crew when behaving normally and uninfluenced by outside forces.

Paul Edwards is portrayed by Tim Renshaw

Background InformationEdit

  • Paul Edward's Birthdate is taken from the Official Writers' Guide, it is shared with Executive Producer, Sebastian Prooth

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