Jack McGuire is a career Starfleet Officer in his mid 40’s. McGuire is from Dublin, Ireland on Earth. He has served with Paul Edwards for 15 years at the time of Ghost Ship.

His first assignment with Paul Edwards was when Edwards was in command of the construction of Starbase facilities. Because he showed a great deal of promise as a junior Engineer, Edwards promoted him to Lt. Commander and made him his right hand man.

As an Engineer, McGuire is an impatient yet endearing man with very little he doesn’t express at the top of his voice. He is known to talk to “his engines” and holds a great deal of personal pride in the flawless operation of his starship.

The friendship between Edwards and McGuire is not just based on affection for one another. They have the highest degree of respect for each other, professionally. McGuire is the kind of engineer who “can turn rocks into replicators”

Jack McGuire is portrayed by Patrick McCray