Darius Locke is a Betazoid career Starfleet officer of the 24th century. Locke is assigned as the new Executive Officer of the USS Montana in Integration per Admiral Shore's orders.

Darius Locke is a man of extreme personal conscience. Earlier in Locke’s career while serving as First Officer aboard the USS Rutledge the ship engaged in a Battle with the Cardassians. The battle resulted in the destruction of the Rutledge and as it burned in space Locke disobeyed orders and stayed behind with his dying wife as his starship was destroyed. As there was no other loss of life, he didn’t loose his commission. Following this incident, Starfleet is not keen on giving Locke a command of his own.

Locke is weary of just about everyone and his Betazoid tendencies of being warm and sensual are over ridden by a constant chip on his shoulder.

As he has been assigned mid-expedition in the 24th century on-board the USS Montana Locke is not a favourite of the rest of the crew and often encounters strife when dealing with them on a regular basis. One officer that is particularly hostile to Locke is Thomas Plummer. Plummer is resentful of Locke’s posting of XO and does not make a secret of it to Locke.

Darius Locke is portrayed by Stephen Perkins

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