Cheralyn Lambeth

Cheralyn Lambeth is a professional costume, prop, and puppet builder who's technical credits include the films The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Net, The New World, and Evan Almighty. She also spent several years as Production Supervisor with Paramount Show Services, building costumes and props for such properties as the Star Trek Earth Tour, Titanic: The Movie on Tour, and Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. Performance-wise, her stage and screen credits include the films The Patriot and Leatherheads, the Off-Broadway show Mambo Mouth with John Leguizamo, and the History Channel docudrama Isaac's Storm. She also keeps busy in fandom and can often be seen in various costumes and roles at conventions such as Shore Leave, StellarCon, and DragonCon.

Cheralyn Lambeth portrays the Computer Voice

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